Favorites of the Week: January 16, 2022

Published: 2022-01-16

Favorites of the Week: January 16, 2022

Our first weekly favorites collection of 2022, we're so excited to be back! Get ready for Dracodiles, Mothras, and Batman themed keycaps.


@404artisans showing off their new BoW and WoB colorways for their Eli keycap.

@yuck_caps showing us some of their sculpting process for a moth/cat/butterfly/bee creature.

@artkey.universe showing off some new creations, dracodile and LeuLeu!

@girlystudios_caps with a minimalist Mecha-01 raffle went live this week.

@mr_maw with a Dark Knight themed raffle with a bat man Mr Brutus and joker Mr. Claws.

@arkeys.id showing off a wicked Darth Maul/Darth Vader combo keycap as a new release of their Signature Series.

@hungryhustlas has been on a roll this week creating different StreamDeck themed icon keycaps.

And rounding off our collection this week is @peachartisans who satisfied The Claw with this alien from Toy Story.

Thanks for joining us this week as we show off our favorite artisans from the community. Stay tuned next week for more.

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