Favorites of the Week: September 19, 2021

Published: 2021-09-19

Favorites of the Week: September 19, 2021

Some favorites released by the community this week include Mario, Spideyperson, and a collab with the Terror From Below keycap set.


Starting the week off on a good note is @arkeys.id who gave us this slick BLVK PARADE spidey cap.

Then @playddkeycaps returns with a dark purple version of their ogre-like sculpts. We haven’t found where they named this sculpt so if you know drop us a DM!

We had to favorite the hide your eyes mario sculpt by @wearekicaps.

And we found another @sxm_designs GMK Pharaoh collab from @thirdstrikekeys with an egyptian golem adorned in gold.

The ever-talented @archetype_mk released a full compliment of their usual sculpts in the GMK Terror Below colorway in collaboration with @not.afresh and @spikedsynapse.

Finally we have @pitirkiwi who held a raffle for their Toxic colorway collection of their sculpts featuring some of the friends we’ve talked about before.

If you made it this far, thanks again for visiting our site. If you have any comments or suggestions about artists we should be watching please contact us.

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