200 Creations in 2022

Published: 2022-01-01

200 Creations in 2022

This year I set the goal of creating at least 200 creative items. Follow along as we post challenge updates!

Last updated: 02/02/2022

For the year of 2022, as a New Years Resolution I set myself the challenge for making a minimum of 200 creative things this year. Since my schedule is so chaotic I figured I would not be able to make something new every day so I limited the quantity to something I thought might be reasonable. This page documents the creative process for this challenge and I hope you get a kick from seeing me flounder my way through these 200 creations.

Creation #0: Revamped Website

If you’re reading this then you may notice we have a new website! We took the opportunity of our upgrade to introduce new features and upgrades that will benefit not only us, but you as well. This new solution uses the jekyll site generator and we couldn’t be more happy with the workflow it affords us.

Creation #1: City Doodle

@kleck.klack.designs The first creation for my #200in2022 ♬ S31 - Samuel Ifeanyi

Creation #2: Cyberpunk Character

@kleck.klack.designs Cyberpunk character creation time-lapse. Creation 2 out of 200! #200in2022 #cyberpunk #daz3d ♬ BRIGHT - AIRGLØW
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