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Welcome to our website! We are really glad you are here. On this page we would like to describe to you our vision and dream for our keycaps and this site.

We first started our adventure into the land of mechanical keyboards and artisan keycaps as a pandemic hobby. As the weeks kept passing we kept falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. We are still falling, but now we have a website to start recording the journey ;).

Our goal for this website is to of course showcase the keycaps that we are creating, but we also want to help grow the community to bring the joy of fancy computer input devices to as many people as possible. To achieve this we will be building up guides and tutorials as we learn from this hobby ourselves, and we will also be building up massive link pages to help other artists and creators get discovered.

So please take a look around the site, check out some of our weekly postings, and if you have any suggestions or comments then feel free to contact us!

Current Setup

  • Keyboard: Ergodox EZ Black
  • Switches: Holy Pandas (Trash Panda by ??? & Holy Invir by ???)
  • Keycap set: Matcha by ???
  • Artisans: Dwarf Factory Gaea's Crown, Succulent basket(?) and Jelly Key ____
  • Mouse: Logitech M570 Trackball
  • Macropad: Drop OLKB V?
  • Macropad keyset: GMK Botanical???
  • Macropad artisan:
  • Deskmat: Imegny Large Gaming Mouse Pad, zisesun011 style
  • 3DConnexion Space Pilot Pro
  • Gaomon M10k drawing tablet

My current working setup featuring an Ergodox EZ with custom keys and switches, a 3D Connection spatial mouse, and a Logitech M570 trackball mouse.


Kleck Klack is just as paranoid as you. But Kleck Klack needs to know how many\npeople visit this site. In order to balance paranoia and analytics, Kleck Klack only uses Google Analytics and Google AdSense in order to try and generate enough revenue to sustain this site.

Most modern tracking prevention software will hide you from this software so feel free to hide your tracks we wont mind but we would ask you to check out some of the other [options to support us](links.md)

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